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About Us

My Expressions LTD is a custom house located in Miami, Florida. We specialize in high quality customized and reconstructed footwear, hats, and clothing and utilize only the highest quality Grade 1 exotic skins, furs, and other materials. The My Expressions family brings over 30 years of experience in the customizing business.

My Expressions aims to provide customers with products that reflect your personality and style and we are committed to helping you develop products that incorporate your unique flavor. Express yourself with what you wear! We look forward to working with you.

Miami, Florida



More About Us

CEO/Chief Designer
Efren Manzanet Jr. is the CEO and Chief Designer at My Expressions LTD and is no stranger to the business. Efren’s custom creations have been cultivated over the years in his own specialty boutiques located in Milwaukee. As the owner of an urban wear and an upscale downtown boutique, Efren has designed and customized footwear, clothing, hats, bikes and more for over three decades.

Efren was born in New York and raised in the Bronx and was influenced early by his Puerto Rican roots and hip hop cultures. He moved to Milwaukee in 1974 and was one of the pioneers of b-boy culture in the Midwest. Known as Master Break, founder of Magic Rockers, a b-boy group that performed throughout the Midwest. As a young entrepreneur, he took his b-boy skills to the studio and taught dance through the Milwaukee area.

In the mid 1980s Efren dove into the customizing business and started working with exotic skins, fur, crystals and airbrushing to customize footwear and clothing. He was the first designer to use crystals and exotic skins on hats as well as fuse a baseball cap onto a sneaker. He started two labels including B Babies, an upscale children's line, and Hard Kor an urban line for men. He eventually opened two stores in Milwaukee which included J-Fashions, focused on upscale men's footwear and clothing. He later opened a downtown Boutique named B-Boy Trends which featured a white custom bmw designed by him. B-Boy Trends catered to urban men and women s custom designs. As an entrepreneur, he also owned a nightclub and a mortgage company as well hosted as a TV show "Zapp" which further helped him to develop his skills as a business man and public figure. 

Over the course of his customizing career, he has worked with major designers including NYC based designer Dapper Dan. Efren’s creations have been seen on celebrities including Tupac, Funk Doobiest, Money D, KRS 1, Spice 1, Bushwick Bill, U Digg Records, and Rick Ross to name a few. He is currently working to customize products for Thomas Weatherspoon, one of the most prominent trainers in the world.

One of his biggest motivators for his company is to provide high quality customized products as well as to provide opportunities for young people to develop their own designing skills and business acumen.

Efren lives with his family in Miami, Florida and is the proud father of five children.

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