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Genuine Custom Tongue with red suede, partial

buckle and Gucci Logo. Toe Box is genuine green

lizard. Custom Gucci strap. 

All genuine exotic skins.

Custom Gucci Shoe

Custom Tongue made of black Genuine Sting

Ray and red Suede, custom pocket inside tongue.

Tongue also has Genuine Red Gator. Genuine

Red Suede around Converse logo. Top of shoe

3 inches of Genuine red suede and Genuine

black Eel were added. Custom sides made of

Genuine black Ostrich and also custom Spikes.

Inside sole made of Genuine Red Suede. Custom embroidery inside pocket with Name. Shoe

laces have tear drop Swarvoski Crystals.

All Genuine Exotic Skins.

Custom Rhinestones on platforms.

Genuine lizard on tongue and heel, with

animal print on toe and heel. All Genuine

Exotic Skins.

Custom Red Mink. All Genuine Exotic skins.

Custom Polo Boot with Genuine Black Eel straps.

All Genuine Exotic Skins.

Custom Converse Shoe

Custom Black Heels

Custom Pumps

Custom Shoe

Custom Mink Boots

Custom Polo Boot

Custom Nike Hi-Top

Custom Black Boots

Custom Red Heels

Custom Black Boots

Custom 2012 Nike Shoe

Red suede and Genuine Gator print on toe

box, sides and tongue. All Genuine Exotic Skins.

Custom White Mink Boots

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